Filmklassiker ohne Sexismus

Die Autorin Blythe Roberson hat einige Filmklassiker umgearbeitet und die Rollen der Frauen dabei gestärkt. Es folgen einige Beispiele, noch mehr gibt es hier. Sehr gut!


Scottie asks his girlfriend Judy to change her clothes and hair to resemble the deceased “Madeleine.” Judy tells Scottie that she dresses for herself and not for him. She realizes she has better things to do than be in a relationship with a controlling old man who isn’t actually hot and who has a weird dumb accent.

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi

Luke and Leia plan to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hut. Leia is captured by Jabba, and is forced to wear a normal, full-coverage prison jumpsuit.

12 Angry Men

This is a movie about 12 rational female jurors.

Beauty and the Beast

The second Belle sees a chance to escape from the Beast, she runs and gets help from the police, who do not question her right to accuse a wealthy man of a crime. Later, Gaston politely asks Belle on a date and does not pressure her when she declines.


Sandy, still wearing the sock-hop attire that makes her feel most comfortable, tells Danny that she wants to be with him despite the high-school antics he has been pulling. They do a fun, sexy dance and no one feels like they had to compromise their sense of self.“

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